Don’t Pay For Your CRM

My first experience with a CRM involved a franchise that I had bought into (huge mistake) insisting that the Less Annoying CRM was the absolute best and most affordable tool of its kind (do I hear kickbacks?). Not only was Less Annoying an extremely annoying tool, very confusing and not user friendly, it costs, at a minimum, $10/month. I eventually smartened up a bit, and through word of mouth discovered Pipedrive.


Amazing how a simple tool can have a significant impact on your life!  Pipedrive is intuitive and feature rich, and the company has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. It costs, at a minimum, $12/mth ($10/mth if you pay annually).  I used Pipedrive for several months and enjoyed doing so. I finally dumped the franchise and temporarily stopped using the majority of my business tools. I regrouped, started a new business, and began researching CRMs again. After many, many price and feature comparisons I signed up for a free account at HubSpot.

I LOVE this CRM!

Pipedrive was great, but HubSpot is phenomenal! And for a small business owner like myself, you just can’t beat the price. It’s FREE! FOREVER!  In addition, if you really want to get serious about inbound Marketing, they offer several pay packages including Marketing Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. Check it out at With the countless CRMs in the sea, I think I’ve finally found my catch!