More About Plan A

Our Plan A WordPress Package is perfect for small business owners who want a new WordPress website built, but want to maintain their own website and blog upon it’s completion. Using a Professional WordPress Theme, we build a visually appealing, responsive and mobile-friendly website, including plugins, stock images, and SSL Certificate.

What’s The Plan?

After gathering pertinent information about your business and your vision regarding your presence on the web, we begin the build process.  From the initial installation of WordPress to configuring DNS on the date of go-live, we pay strict attention to even the slightest detail along the way.

Although, due to space constraints, we don’t publish every single step that is taken, we do offer the following list of very important, often time-consuming tasks that are meticulously performed in order to produce your stunning WordPress site:

  • Install instance of WordPress

  • Procure an Appropriate WordPress Theme

  • Install WordPress Parent Theme

  • Install and Activate Child Theme

  • Install/Activate Required Plugins

  • Replace default Theme Content

  • Procure Appropriate Stock Images

  • Edit/Upload Images to WordPress Media

  • Replace default Theme Images

  • Configure Header

  • Configure Footer

  • Configure Sliding Bar Widget

  • Install/Activate Image Optimization Plugin

  • Bulk Optimize All Images

  • Install and Activate SEO Plugin

  • Configure SEO Plugin With Appropriate Keywords

  • Test Mobile Site and Correct Any Issues

  • Present Phase I to Client

  • Incorporate Client-Requested Changes

  • Present Phase II to Client

  • Map the Domain on Go Live Date

  • Create an A Record at DNS Provider

  • Check if DNS Propagation Has Completed

  • Configure SSL and Rewrite Rules

  • Test All URLs

  • Schedule and Complete Client Training

The problem is there are no simple “right” answers for most Web design questions (at least not for the important ones). What works is good, integrated design that fills a need—carefully thought out, well executed, and tested.

It’s your blog.  You do the blogging.

Upon completion, we provide all of the necessary training to enable you to take complete control of your WordPress site, allowing you to perform tasks such as posting to your blog and updating your contact and business information.