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For Avid Bloggers

You control and update your website and blog

You wanted to start blogging so you went the DIY route and built yourself a website.  Now you’re ready for a step up from WIX or  After doing your research, you learn that WordPress is the platform of choice for approximately 75 million websites, 2.5 billion blog posts, and 3 billion comments!  As a business owner, you’re just too busy to learn about page builders, themes, plugins, and widgets.

You’re open to hiring a professional but have been burned in the past, held hostage by a website developer who refused to relinquish control of your website when you knew it was time to move on.   You want to pay for a beautiful new website, then have complete control over it.  You don’t want to pay someone else for minor changes or posting to your blog.  You’re perfectly capable of doing that yourself.  That’s Plan A. . .

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We Build.  You Blog.

Beautiful WordPress Sites

We build a responsive, mobile-friendly WordPress site for your business.  Upon your approval of the site we provide you with complete control.  Our integrated training ensures that you are fully capable of performing updates and posting to your blog.  Once you’re out on your own, and blogging to your heart’s content 😉 if you ever get stuck, there is an hourly-rate support option available to all of our valuable customers.

*1 year of Cloudways Cloud Hosting is included in the Plan A one-time payment. After that, if you decide to remain on our hosting plan, hosting fees of $10/mth will be incurred.

Latest Features

Incredible tools and platforms that ensure our success

What Makes Me Smile

Whenever I click 'Take Break' in my TSheets app, I grab a coffee, click on Fred, and grab a smile....


It was time to dump the cumbersome and archaic cPanel in a Shared Hosting environment and aim for the clouds!  I began a long journey of discovery. My

Bye Bye GoDaddy

It was recently brought to our attention that our hosting platform of choice, the hugely popular and widely used GoDaddy, had become outdated in terms of technology,

Free Stock Photos

Many of the images on the site come from Pexels.  Pexels provides high quality and completely free stock photos licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

Included in Plan A:  Professional WordPress Theme, stock images, WordPress plugins, SSL Certificate.

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Are you ready for the Google SSL mandate?

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After years of Shared Hosting and cPanel, we recently moved all of our WordPress websites to Cloudways. And we LOVE it!

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The Refresh Option

Along with your business, your website should be ever evolving.

Already have a website? Our refresh option is perfect for existing websites that have become stale or outdated.  In addition to incorporating your existing content and images into the new site, we will bring a fresh new look to your web presence with eye-catching stock photos and engaging new content.  Your pertinent contact information will be strategically placed throughout your website, along with several “Call To Action” buttons and links.


“Blogging is like work, but without coworkers thwarting you at every turn.”

Scott Adams

“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.”

Neil Patel