More About Plan B

If you just don’t have the time (or desire) to post to your blog, monitor comments on your blog, respond to comments, respond to contact form and email inquiries, perform backups, keep WordPress and all plugins updated to the latest version, and track your website analytics and performance, then Plan B is for you!    We build your new site, and, we maintain it for you!

Just like Plan A.   But More.

As with Plan A, we begin by gathering pertinent information about your business and your thoughts about what you’d like to see on your website.  For more detail about how we tackle the building of a new WordPress site, see Plan A.

With Plan B, there’s no lump-sum charge for building your new WordPress website.  That’s right.  Your brand new visually-appealing, responsive site, complete with beautiful stock images, calls to action, and free SSL, is part of a powerful package with an affordable monthly fee.  Here’s what you get:

  • Responsive WordPress website

  • Professional WordPress Theme

  • Free Stock Photos

  • Premium Cloud Hosting

  • Domain Registration

  • Site Security

  • WordPress and Plugins Updates

  • Nightly Backups

  • Free SSL

  • SSL Renewed Every 90 Days

No matter what I do, I always come home to my blog.

Leave the updates to us.

Need to change a phone number or your business hours?  Just give us a call.   Got a new image you’d like displayed on your homepage?  We do that too.  Our goal is to keep your site appealing, functional, and engaging to your audience.