It was time to dump the cumbersome and archaic cPanel in a Shared Hosting environment and aim for the clouds!  I began a long journey of discovery. My first stop was Amazon Web Services (AWS), which I had been introduced

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Bye Bye GoDaddy


It was recently brought to our attention that our hosting platform of choice, the hugely popular and widely used GoDaddy, had become outdated in terms of technology, pricing, and often support.  This actually started to occur several years ago. 

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More About Plan B


If you just don't have the time (or desire) to post to your blog, monitor comments on your blog, respond to comments, respond to contact form and email inquiries, perform backups, keep WordPress and all plugins updated to the latest

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More About Plan A


Our Plan A WordPress Package is perfect for small business owners who want a new WordPress website built, but want to maintain their own website and blog upon it's completion. Using a Professional WordPress Theme, we build a visually

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